Portaleco 2017

This is the root website of Dr.-Ing. Horst Henn. I have been working on main components of portals starting 1996. Portal and prototyping started  1998 at the IBM Lab in Boeblingen in 1998 and were demonstrated at exhipitions like CeBit and Funkaustellung in Berlin. These Prototypes already used key components like Portlets (Apps) including self service management, Security (Access control thru certificates on PC or smartcard), web services, voice I/O and a open payment system (Paypal picked up that idea). Early portals were using mainly PCs. Limited functionality were available on Mobile Phones with small displays and voice I/O. The Book Pervasive Computing (Addison Wesley 2001 initially published 1998 in German language) written by members of my development team at the Boeblingen IBM labs, describes hardware and software used at that time to build portals. The IBM Websphere Portal Server was shipped 2001 out of Boeblingen and was mainly used by enterprises and cities.

Almost 20 years later, the portal technology is well established. Two billion customers use this technology on their smart phones .

The initial site www.portaleco.com was launched 2007 using web site creation tools which were state of the art. Now the site is ported to the wordpress platform. My Blogs (in German). You may use the wordpress Translate to present the content in other languages:

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